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Your Sidekick phone is about to get transformed! Why's it called a Sidekick? Cause it does everything you need and goes wherever you go! Well, as long as you don't move around too much - try that and you'll have to pay extra usage fees, or worse, you won't get any "bars" at all! But your Sidekick is just too awesome to pass up, right?

So what are you going to do? You're in luck! Now, you can unlock your Sidekick- its REALLY FAST and REALLY EASY to do, and 100% safe! With an unlocked Sidekick, you'll be able to choose ANY plan you want, ANYWHERE you go - say goodbye to those higher rates and dropped calls - now you're really mobile!

So how do you unlock your Sidekick phone? Like we said, it's EASY - you'll get your unlock code within 2 days of placing your order. You'll also get a step by step instruction guide, but no worries - unlocking your Sidekick is as easy as texting a friend!

We'll even match ANY price you can find! So you're sure to get the best deal around... plus you'll even get GUARANTEED SERVICE - we'll unlock your Sidekick or you'll get ALL your money back! Our service agents are ALWAYS AVAILABLE - that's 24/7 - to help you with any questions you might have... GO FOR IT! Unlock your Sidekick phone today!

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from 3434 Ratings & Reviews
I am still happy with the service... You rock!
Anne Theaker, Plantation, US unlocked a Sidekick Blade
The process was very simple. I would say that the wording on the website be changes to read within mid week as a weekend order would be delayed longer than the advertised time.
Russell Chappell, Bucks United Kingdom unlocked a Sidekick Blade
The wait for my Blackberry code was worth it ...the code worked perfectly the first time. Great service and site. Highly recommended to others.
Mrs. Wendy Sherman, Houston, Texas USA unlocked a Sidekick 2008
I got the unlock code for my V3 RAZR in four hours time and it was a no brainer to use. Great service. Thanks!
Vinnie Bjork, California USA unlocked a Sidekick 2008
Very helpful, no problems at all. Only problems were you have written to me as MR., rather than MRS. in all communications and in having to go back and find my February correspondence with you, to dig out the Order/Invoice Number.
MRS RUTH DUTTON, High Wycombe England unlocked a Sidekick 4
The website is easy to use. The service is very good. Thanks a lot.
, unlocked a Sidekick Gekko
Instructions on how to purchase the code and how to unlock the phone where very clear. I was very satisfied with the support I received in unlocking my phone.
Melissa Arvizu, Edna USA unlocked a Sidekick 4
The site is easy to navigate and the service I had was absolutely without fault.The mail i received telling me how to unlock my phone was clear, concise and easy to follow.When I need another phone unlocked, I will have no worries about using Unlocking.com service again and again. My only suggestion on how the site could be improved would be to have an even wider range of phone models listed.
Winston Dunbar, Lincoln, United Kingdom unlocked a Sidekick 2009 Blade
Wow that was easy. I didn't think I could get my phone unlocked before leaving on vacation but it was just a couple of hours. Thank you so much!
Melissa Blocker, Leeds, UK unlocked a Sidekick LX
Followed the instructions, fed in the code, phone unlocked. very simple, took about 2 minutes. Excellent
Phil Marston, Bexhill United Kingdom unlocked a Sidekick 4
bought the motorola pebl u6 when it first came it was tied into the 3 network from the person i bought it off i was looking to unlock it to accept my o2 pay as you go sim card i found it nearly impossible to get it unlocked until i came across your website had tried other ones previously and the codes they sent me didnt work and there was no refund or replies to my emails whereas with your website you stated that this phone wasnt supported yet and you would email me when the code became available which you promptly did along with the instructions of how to unlock it which i found extremely easy to follow and thirty seconds later my phone was unlocked and for a very good price as some of the other sites and some mobile phone shop unlockers very looking four to ten times the price you were charging all in all a very good service you provided and i would highly recommend you to anyone i know looking their phone unlocked thanks again for you service A++++++
Lee Smith, Carrickfergus Northern Ireland unlocked a Sidekick Gekko
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